Campus Closure -January 2019

Due to the winter storm and the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday the campus will close at 4:00 p.m., Saturday, January 19 and remain closed until Tuesday, January 22 at 6:30 a.m. The plowing and salting of campus roads, parking areas and sidewalks will not begin until Monday. Please do not plan to be on campus. All games and other activities have been cancelled or rescheduled.
Stay warm and safe.
Student Life
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Athletic Health Qualifications

Student Life
Health Office

Athletic Health Qualifications

Health Qualifications for Athletic Participation

Physical Examination:
Students must have a documented physical examination within one year of qualifying. The health care provider’s recommendation for the level of athletic participation is required. A blood pressure and pulse taken within the current year must be on record.

Immunization Record:
Must be current, including tetanus immunization within 10 years.
Self-carry medications (including inhaler):
Physician’s orders and parent permission must be current with school year.

Physician’s Clearance:
A statement for any previous illness or injury that has excused the student from physical education or participation in a sport.

Health History Review / Sports Clearance Form:
Must be completed and signed by parent/guardian and student.

Students must be requalified by the school nurse for each sport. Dates and times for requalification will be posted as they become available.

Tips for Sports Requalifications

In order to participate in sports, your daughter/son will need to meet with a nurse each sports season. This can be done on sports requalification dates that will be announced in advance. The following tips should assist you in making the process go smoothly for your child.

  • A physical exam of less than one year old needs to be on file in the Health Office.
  • A Health History Review / Sports Clearance Form needs to be filled out completely and signed by parent/guardian and student. It needs to be less than one month old and filled out in pen.
  • If your daughter/son wears glasses, please have them bring them on the day of the requalification.
  • If your child carries medication, please be sure that the Health Office has an MD order dated after June 30th (for the upcoming school year) and parent permission on file. Please have your child bring the medication to the requalification.
  • Proof of tetanus immunization within the past ten years is required.
  • If your daughter/son has been excused from gym/sports for any recent health issue, a note from a healthcare provider that states your child may fully participate in sports is required.
  • On the actual dates of sports requalifications, the nurse will be unavailable by phone and may not be able to return calls regarding sports requalifications that day.
  • As always, the Health Office will be staffed for daily needs. Please feel free to call the Health Office prior to those dates if you require information or assistance.
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