Jennie Dede ’96 Prepares Students for Sophomore Mock Interviews

On Friday, November 19th AQ alumna Jennie Dede ‘96, who is the Global Head of Customer Success at Linkdin, came to Aquinas to discuss interview preparation with tenth graders ahead of the annual Sophomore Mock Interviews happening on December 10th. During English classes, Jennie explained the importance of building a resume and what to include, how to search for a job based on personal interests and skills, obtaining a work permit, how to network, and cleaning up social media accounts. Jennie also gave students tips to keep in mind during an interview – be on time, dress to impress, over prepare, be mindful of your language, and always use your manners.
Students were given time to reflect on what they would say in an interview and were then paired up with another student to practice. Each student was given a worksheet with questions asked during phone and in-person interviews, which also included things to avoid saying to an employer.
The annual Sophomore Mock Interviews give students a chance to practice their interview skills with a business professional, and receive feedback to help them improve their skills to get the job they want. Alumni will join us at Aquinas on December 10th to take on the role of interviewers.
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