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Introducing the Iron Shamrock Club

The Iron Shamrock Club is an incentive and rewards-based strength building motivation program for student athletes.  The incentive program will reward athletes for meeting strength standards. The ultimate aim is that the opportunity to reach the highest level will encourage student athletes to take their training more seriously - as well as enlighten them on what it takes to become an elite athlete. The program is based on relative strength calculations on 1 RPM on 4 key lifts.  Relative strength calculation allows all athletes - male and female - of all body types and levels, the reasonable ability to reach at least one of the 4 standards: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite.  

The 4 standards are set based on the body weight of the athlete therefore, not only are the standards attainable, but also serve as a powerful tracking tool of an athlete’s progress as he/she moves through the program. It is reasonable and attainable that by the time they leave Aquinas, that a majority of athletes will attain Advanced Standards. While fewer will possibly attain Elite level, the journey for athletes trying to attain this level will benefit their health and strengthen our sports programs. Athletes will need to make 3 out of 4 lifts at a level in order to qualify for that level. While this program is designed for student athletes, it is open to all students looking to improve their fitness levels. For more information, please see Mr. LeBeau.
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