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Going the Distance with AQ Distance Learning

In keeping up with regular routines, sophomore Lucas Sherron is producing AQ Morning Update: Home Edition. The daily news program produced by AQ students will now be broadcast once a week until campus reopens. Stay up to date with announcements from students, teachers, and administration.

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Q&A with Host Lucas Sherron '22

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • 1.) Why was it important for you to continue with AQ Morning Update?

    It was important for me to continue with AQ Morning Update because I felt like it would brighten people's days. It would give the students a little bit of normality in this confusing time. I hate seeing people so out of the groove of life. The students aren't able to see their friends or go anywhere, and they're out of routine. AQ Morning Update Home Edition introduces a piece of AQ back into their lives. I also really enjoy Morning Update and I wanted to see if it would succeed even at home. It sure did.

  • 2.) How did you get this project up and running? What programs, people, and resources are you using to produce this?

    Well, my dad was actually the one who sparked the idea. He was one of the contributors to the start of Morning Update in the 90s. Then, it was called AQ Video. It then evolved into the show in which we know today as Morning Update. I'm actually pulling a lot more from AQ Video, where there were interviews and other stories, not just announcements.

    At home, I've made Morning Update into more of an actual news show. Anyways, after the idea was sparked, I got to work on writing a script, making up jokes, setting up a desk in the basement, etc. I then messaged a lot of teachers and friends and asked if they wanted to contribute. Many teachers responded and sent in videos, as you saw. Some of my friends did the same. We then recorded my parts with an iPad. Next, my dad and I edited all the videos together in Vimeo. It's been a really fun and experimental process, but I'd say it really worked out.

  • 3.) It's obvious that quarantine hasn't stifled your creativity. What is your advice to other students who might be looking for a creative outlet?

    Put your work out there. First, channel your feelings and emotions - anger, happiness, sadness, stress and anxiety, thankfulness - into your art. Write stories, movies, plays (which I often do), create a dance, write a song, sing some songs, take some pictures of your backyard, put on a show for your family, paint a painting. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Do something that you'll enjoy and something that you can get your feelings out in. That's what I like to do.

    When I'm sad, I write a sad story. When I'm happy, I'll write a happy poem or song. The other day, I was feeling a little off, so I painted a picture that conveyed those feelings. Get your feelings out. The next step, for me at least, is to get your work out there. Before this quarantine, I was sort of shy about my work, I didn't want people judging me. Now, I've been very open about my work. I've shared my stories with many more people, and the other day was the first time I ever shared my singing voice with someone. This situation has really changed the way I view my art and myself. It's pretty eye-opening.

    You've got to trust yourself. I know it can be tough, but you've got to push through, because in the end, everyone will see that your work is great! Share your work, because maybe someone's feeling the same way, and when they hear it, read it, see it - they'll feel whole. They'll feel like someone else is there with them. They'll feel a little happier in this huge mess. And that's all that matters.

  • 4.) What do you miss most about AQ?

    The people. The social side of Aquinas has always been a great help for me. I deal with severe stress and anxiety, and my friends really help me through that stuff. Whenever I go to school, there's always people who say hi to me and talk with me. Now it's just my family who I see. Don't get me wrong, I love my family so, so much, but I loved seeing everyone everyday at school. There were so many more people to connect with. I could talk with my classmates about what was happening in our class at that time, what was on TV last night, what just happened in Chem that they'll never guess, etc. I miss being able to connect with my friends. It's hard to convey emotions through a screen.

    Then there's the teachers. It's much easier for me to learn in-person, not from a person through a screen. Zoom meetings have been great, I get to see my teachers and my friends (even if it's online), but I still can't wait to see everyone again.

  • 5.) FUN Q...If you could interview anyone in the world for Morning Update, who would it be and what would you ask them?

    First, Steven Spielberg. I'm an aspiring filmmaker, and Spielberg is one of my biggest idols. His movies are my favorites, and he is just so visionary. If I got the chance to interview him, I would ask him how he kept making such great movies over and over. I would ask him what kept him motivated and how his movies are so darn good. I would also ask him how he got to be so big in Hollywood (although I guess I know the answer to that question because I know everything there is to know about his life).

    The other two people I would interview would be Paul McCartney and John Lennon (I know's he dead, but it would be my dream to meet him). I am the biggest Beatles fan ever. I know every word to every song and every Beatles fact you could ever ask me. I would probably interview George Harrison and Ringo Starr along with Paul and John. They are also my idols. I would ask them how they got to be the most brilliant, influential, and greatest musicians of all time. What made them so amazing? I would also ask them what motivated them. I would ask them how they got through the tough times and how they pushed forward. I would ask them so many more questions. But in the end, I would probably just ask them if I could give each of them a hug for everything they've gotten me through.
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