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Upon completion of eighth grade the Aquinas student will:

  • Embrace and foster Christian values.
  • Understand and model the Basilian motto of “Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge,” as it applies to their own lives as members of the Aquinas community.
  • Know God’s love is always present in their lives.
  • Embrace the idea that diversity is a gift from God.
  • Take pride in ethnic heritage in all aspects of life.
  • Demonstrate respect for self, others, and property.
  • Embrace the notion that academic success is within reach for learners at all levels, and achieve readiness for the rigors of high school.
  • Possess the skills needed for academic, social, and spiritual growth.
  • Prepare to take on leadership roles.

The Aquinas Middle School offers a nurturing but challenging educational environment for our students. We believe that honor and respect are the cornerstones of a successful middle school experience and should govern all of our interactions and behaviors. It is expected that all Aquinas Middle School students model the Basilian motto "Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge," as well as the Aquinas motto "Credo Quid Quid Dixit Dei Filius" (I believe whatever the Son of God has said).

We believe that strong values, collaboration, dedication to study, personal excellence, reading, and hard work are essential to academic success. The faculty acknowledges the dignity of each student and strives to put scholarship within reach of all students. Academics are first and foremost at Aquinas. Students are expected to give all courses the time and effort that are required of a serious student. Aquinas also recognizes the importance of co-curricular activities. There are many opportunities for students to be involved: athletics, band, chorus, theatre, or one of the many clubs or activities.