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Alumni Involvement

Volunteering at Aquinas 

At the Aquinas Institute, we believe in the power of community and giving back. As a parent or past alumni, volunteering is a meaningful way to stay connected and make a difference. Whether you can offer your time for a one-time event or want to be more involved on a regular basis, there are many opportunities to contribute. From helping out at school events to mentoring current students, your involvement as a volunteer strengthens our community and enhances the educational experience for all.

Career Connect

Career Connect is a club dedicated to inspiring students to reach their full potential. Each year, Career Connect is in need of alumni to visit the school and share their career journeys and experiences with students. By interacting with and learning from supportive alumni, students can explore a variety of career paths. If interested in making an impact in the lives of our students, please reach out to Mayra Arieno at (585) 254-2020 x1015 or [email protected].

Alumni Ambassadors

Our Alumni Ambassadors play a vital role in shaping the future of Aquinas. These dedicated individuals serve as advocates for the school, sharing their experiences and promoting the values that define us. Alumni Ambassadors help to strengthen connections between past and present students, fostering a sense of pride and unity. Their involvement is invaluable in inspiring the next generation of Aquinas Institute alumni and ensuring the continued success of our school.

Your Support Matters! 

For more information on getting involved, please reach out to the Alumni Relations & Development team at (585) 254-2020 x1064 or [email protected].
Interested in becoming an Alumni Ambassador?
Contact: (585) 254-2020 x1064