Leadership Activities

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 AQJH Student Government

Grades 7-8


Five seventh graders and five eighth graders are elected to represent the Junior High and plan activities and events.

Additional students may serve on planning committees.

Mr. Grosodonia

Ms. Giralico

 AQJH Yearbook Committee

Grades 7-8

Students photograph AQJH activities through the year and assist with designing the yearbook.

Mr. Sifain

Mrs. Lynch


Grades 9-12

Students photograph activities through the year and design the yearbook.

Mr. Shook

Big Brother/Big Sister       

Grades 9-12

Students are assigned to be buddies with an incoming freshman at orientation to tour school. Big Brother/Big Sisters attend two breakfasts during the year.

Mr. Shook

Sisters of St. Joseph Women's Leadership Program

Grades 9–12

This program invites each young woman of every class to choose experiences to enhance awareness of self, her role in the community and sharing of her gifts and talents for society. Each student will receive an invitation to explore the wonder of self and to experience other women in roles of leadership in various areas of life.


Seminars, mini-sessions, panels of women, film experiences and field trips will be offered. Experiences of service projects will be key and shared with the community service program. Students will be totally involved, sharing ideas and helping in the formation of this new and exciting program. 


The program will offer a Certification in Leadership to accompany the graduation diploma.

Sr. Elaine Englert, SSJ

Student Council

Grades 9-12


Student Council, a prominent student government organization, gives students a voice in determining school activities and environment. It helps promote activities for the entire student body at the Aquinas Institute of Rochester and fosters a positive climate throughout the school. The focus of Student Council is on developing leadership skills through interaction with students, faculty, community, and other Aquinas stakeholders.


Mr. Catalfano

Student Recruitment

Grades 7-12

Assist with giving tours to prospective students.

Mr. Knapp