Mr. George Lombardo
Earth Science Teacher
Mr. Lombardo
The Aquinas Institute
1127  Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY 14613 
(585) 254-2020, ext. 3025
 NEW THIS YEAR! The "flipped classroom"
Many of my colleagues both here at AQ and at other schools have been experimenting with a new teaching technique called, the "flipped classroom." This newer teaching practice requires students to obtain lecture material at home (rather than traditionally during class time) from a video--typically from YouTube--which frees up a lot of time to tutor, reinforce and re-teach concepts learned throughout the curriculum during class time. Teachers throughout the U.S. have reported much success using this approach to teaching. For more information regarding flipped classrooms, please visit the following site: 
NEW THIS YEAR TOO!:  Text messages
If you would like text messages of major assignments and tests, please send me an email and let me know.

About Mr. Lombardo
Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you and for another fantastic school year at Aquinas.  
I have taught science at the Aquinas Institute for twelve years. As a native of Rochester, I have come to know Aquinas as a leader in Catholic education. I joined the faculty in 2000 and have taught various levels of science from freshman-level earth science to senior-level electives in environmental science and natural disasters. From 2001-2010, I was actively involved in our school's Freshman orientation program, and today, I run the school's detention room, and hopefully I won't see you there!
In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love to work out, travel, add to my rather extensive rock and mineral collection and garden in the summer. My wife and I also like to stay active with our church. We have three cats named Moose, Murphy and Lola.     
Beautiful earth PowerPoint
Click here for a PowerPoint on "beautiful earth."

Years teaching
Classes that I teach
1) Regents Earth Science
2) Honors Earth Science
3) Savage Earth (a natural hazards elective)
MS Geology, University of Rochester
BS Geology, Union College

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